Friday 5

Dear Online Diary,

This week has been… cold. Good, but cold! Winter is finally here in Atlanta with below-freezing temps bringing in rain and sleet to the area (meteorologist voice), and I’ve been taking at least a couple hot showers each evening to thaw the cold from both my bones and my little black heart. I kid, I kid… about the showersI’ve been taking bubble baths. 🙂

I’m here to share a few things on my mind that I hope you’ll find interesting! I’ll be doing this each Friday to let you guys know what I’m up to, interested in, or just a fan of. I thought of several really deep, meaningful names for this provocative series… and I settled on Friday 5… since it’s Friday… and there’s 5 things. VERY symbolic, don’t you think?!

Here we go!

1) For those of you local to the city and the southeast in general, I thought I’d share Curbed’s list of top activities in and around Atlanta to celebrate the holidays. ATL cranks it up with it all kinds of attractions for everyone on the list (including a pretty excessive amount of ice-skating rinks that makes it seem we’re overcompensating for something specific… just not sure what yet… lack of actual snow or frozen ponds IDK?), so if you’ve got visiting guests or family in town, check it out for some ideas. I’m already eyeing Candlelight Nights at the Atlanta History Center like the proud nerd that I am.

2) Naturally, you’re probz seeing a ton of gift guides coming out this time of year which is great for generating ideas (shameless plug: check mine here if you missed it!), but this “readers” gift guide from Design Sponge was really unique and a good break from all the gear-, electronics-, and clothes-focused gift guides everyone does. I’m always looking for good book and magazine recommendations… for gifts, yes, but also for more selfish, poolside-motivated reasons that my future July 2018 self will thank me for.

(via Design Sponge)

3) I’ve got a few DIY projects on the list, and am trying to find time to get at least one of them started so I can give you guys a post on it this month… but the holidays. And work. And travel. And the holidays. Not to give too much away, but one of them is pretty quick (relative) and it involves adding custom molding to a door and painting it and the hardware a pretty bold color. Like black. Okay, I basically just gave it all away, but whatevs. The others are more in-depth… more like one-room challenge/makeovers for the master bathroom and bedroom that will probably wait until 2018.

4) We’re prepping to head somewhere fun after Christmas, but we don’t know where yet (South America IDK?) and I’m getting a little anxiety about it. I guess I will pack a bathing suit and a down coat and we’ll all be surprised in the end. Yaayyyyy…? No, it be will fine. And fun. Part of me wants to be gone, traveling with Laura somewhere exotic all the time… but then my cat and my dog and my bed. I sound like a real brat.

5) In more important news, I finally binge-watched both seasons of Stranger Things. Listen, I’m not a scary movie/TV show type of girl. But this was scary in all the right ways. Gooney-type ways. I mean, it wasn’t even scary… it was more like just really freaking cute. I’ve got a whole post coming about how what we binge watch gets in our minds, hypnotizes us and influences our style choices. I’ve got a whole theory on it. You just wait.

Alright, folks, that’s it for the Friday 5 this week! Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog in the sidebar—you’ll get new posts delivered straight to your email, which makes it super easy to keep up with the latest updates here. 

Until next week!

– Cara


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