How To Bring Personality To Your Holiday Decor

Hello? Hellloooo? Is this thing on?

Oh, hi. It’s me, and I’m speaking to you from inside your computer, looking you in the digital pupil of your cyber eye for an important announcement.

This Christmas, don’t let anyone tell you what or what not to put in your home. I repeat, DO NOT get sucked in to the holiday copycat game. Nobody puts Christmas baby in a corner (hello, Jesus?!), but also you can’t steal someone else’s style or design or decor and expect it to translate as “you” in an authentic way.


The holidays can be the perfect backdrop to showcase your own style or vision for your home in a way you don’t see everyday. So, just slowly back away from the pre-lit garland, and let me explain something.

I believe holidays are a time where we can express our wildest design fantasies. They’re like everyday on steroids, a giant caricature of how we envision happy, celebratory times… an AMPLIFICATION of our always-on-the-grind, daily moments. Decorating for the holidays lets us create our own world—our own unique state of extreme bliss. It’s holiday nirvana, people!

Went deep there, but hang with me.

What I’m really saying is the holidays are a petri dish for personal expression and creativity—we can control what goes into it… but sometimes, well… sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way we originally envisioned.


My advice to you is to identify all your quirks and weirdness… and play those things up in your home decor to create your own version of holiday nirvana. HOWEVER, we all know there is a fine line between tacky and endearing, so let’s talk through some guardrails to keep you in the pretty (vs. pretty tacky) lane. For me, I started with picking a color theme, which was metallic variations of rose gold, pearl and gray. I then started assimilating ornaments and wrapping paper that gave the theme life. Venti, my man lion, agrees with my wrapping choices. This was right before he savagely tore off every single bow on every single present. Not lying.

As I worked my way out from there, I incorporated design elements throughout the house that fit my theme AND each of the following 4 categories:


Do: Bring in elements that reflect light. Think about how a diamond ring cuts the sun’s rays and bounces it all over a surface like a disco ball. That’s what faceted objects and mirrors do to the light—both natural and artificial—in your space. Try a mirrored candle votive or a faceted ornament to add some sparkle.

Do: Use metallic garland or ornaments in your tree, or group them together in a corner vignette, like a nativity scene or table center piece.

Don’t: Use 100% all glitter ornaments on your tree. Or sequins. I meaannn… a few are okay. I had to buy these glitter thingies below because they looked like giant chocolate ice cream cones and the shape is just so beautiful.


Do: Use texture in your space to warm things up. Think faux fur pillows, chunky cable knit throws, or natural textures like wood accents, baskets, pinecones, or live greenery (I’m a big fan of eucalyptus and it smells so good!). I’m not saying go full-on rustic retreat if that’s not your thing, but these elements add some “realness” and depth that balances all. dat. bling.

Don’t: Think using a leg lamp with yellow light bulbs and a red shade casts a sexy glow—kind of the opposite.


Do: Play up lighthearted elements in your decor. You can do this via the tree(s) you choose—traditional, modern (all white, for example), Charlie Brown, succulents, etc.—as well as how you dress the tree. I chose to add in leafy metallic branches and berries that stick out from my tree and have glass ornaments stuffed with white feathers for added interest. Another great place to do this is with wreaths… you can theme up wreaths pretty easily that say “I don’t take myself THAT seriously.”

Don’t: Overplay it with the whimsy. Adding one bird on a wreath is fun, but 100 birds is a whole different level. It’s not called “whimsy” if it’s not unexpected and subtle.


Do: Add in elements that you love or make you smile. These could be fun ornaments (we have a shark wearing earmuffs and eating a candy cane on our “fun” tree), family pictures, a Christmas card display/gallery wall, or scenes that bring out your inner child. I created a mossy centerpiece for our living room table that holds a ceramic house and candlesticks also with moss on them. I love it because it’s like another little world in the middle of the room. Incorporating unexpected greenery can instantly make a regular item feel festive!

Don’t: Use “delight” as your overall theme—again, overwhelming. If you do have a lot of “delightful” ornaments, consider using that as a tree theme in an extra bedroom or less common space.

As you’re decking the halls and trimming the tree this year, keep these elements in mind for a balanced space that reflects your inner style! Own it and, ultimately, no matter what you go with for Christmas 2017… you be you and the magic will shine through!

Just please, keep your delight and whimsey in check. Right, Luna? 🙂

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