RECAP: Atlanta Home for the Holidays

It’s been a while, I know. You don’t even have to say anything. 

Life has happened as it does to everyone, and I’m not really here to give any excuses so I’m not, okay?! I’m just going to dive into this post like I’ve been doing it every week for the last several months and maybe pretend like you didn’t notice but just in case you did I called myself out so it won’t be awkward for the both of us. What have I been doing, you ask?! In the time I’ve been gone, I got my real estate license so you’ll be hearing a lot more about that on this blog, too! Well, we’ll see how much is “a lot” because CONSISTENCY is a key part of that term.

This past weekend, I had the awesome chance to volunteer for the 10th annual Atlanta Holiday Home designer showhouse, and it did not disappoint. The home was divided amongst several local interior designers who were given their designated portion of the house to make gorgeous. And that they did, my friends. I was super impressed with each designer’s ability to carve out the unique voice of their particular space, yet maintain a harmonious flow with the adjacent rooms around them. The house SANG. 

While there, I met some awesome people and had a couple of interesting questions pop up that I thought would be ideal to address here on the blog. Below is my take—as both a realtor and interior design fanatic—on each.

Here are my 2 big takeaways from this year’s design!

1. If you’re selling your home during the holidays, does decorating it for said holiday help or hurt your effort to sell?

The intersection of interior design and real estate is a thing, guys. An analogy if you will: Top chefs around the world have intensive training on how to properly plate their fancy food. 

IT’S BECAUSE YOU EAT WITH YOUR EYES FIRST. Like, before you ever ever ever taste the actual food. And how impressed or not you are with the presentation actually impacts how that food taste. It’s science.

This is why staging companies are in such high demand. And the holidays are the perfect time to bring out your inner decorator. Or the perfect time to hire one. Yes, while—generally—it may be more difficult to sell during the holidays (people are busy and often like to hibernate like bears), if you need to do it, put a tree up, string some lights, put candles in the windows, and hang wreaths on the door. Create warmth and welcome! 

DO NOT put inflatable Santa on the front lawn. The key is to keep your holiday decor classic, understated and neutral enough to appeal to anyone. If someone is looking to buy during the holidays, of course exploring a festive home is comforting. It says, “You too can sit by this crackling fire looking at this beautiful space while your whole family comes over to drink hot chocolate and sing Christmas carols by the baby grand piano that will fit flawlessly with the scale of the living room.” If done right, selling at this time of the year is the PERFECT opportunity to set a beautiful lifestyle scene for a buyer to envision in his or her own life.

2. Is color officially taking over the all-white wall trend? 

YES. While white walls will always have a place in classic design and are ideal for smaller spaces that house several zones of a home (think kitchen, dining, living, bar, etc. all in the same area), showcasing an agglomeration of art and/or sculpture, and/or when it comes to specific genres of style like a Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic, color is making a ROARING comeback. In fact, this time of year—especially in areas of the country that have really cold winters—using moody, saturated colors on the walls, again, creates that warmth people crave. Think deep hues of green, black, blue, burgundy… you name it, it can be a neutral. I’m very into moody greens right now and am actually about to go super dark in my bedroom. One aspect of a room people often forget about is the ceiling. If you have really tall ceilings—think 10 feet or higher—consider painting the ceiling the same dark color of the wall. It’s like your room is hugging you.

Well, those are my lessons learned from this year’s Home for the Holidays. It was absolutely gorgeous… and it’s for sale! What a great present, huh? Happy Holidays, everyone!

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